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“Harzer Rotbäckchen”
Tomato-raspberry soup with fresh woodruff & baguette
7,20 €

Asparagus cream soup with ham, parmesan shavings & baguette
7,80 €

“Der kleine Wanderer”
Gratinated pork stew with onions, mushrooms & baguette
7,80 €

“Für den einsamen Appetit”
(With wine or for the small appetite)
4 slices of gratinated garlic baguette with olives and Pepperoni
8,80 €

“Ein mal Alles, bitte”
8 slices of bruschetta variation
(with fresh/ dried tomatoes/ asparagus/ avocado/ parmesan/ goat cheese/ fig)
12,80 €

Regional farmers salad with asparagus, strawberries, goat cheese & baguette
• Small 8,80 €
• Large 12,80 €

Meat (regional products)

“Nicht nur für Spitzel”
Schnitzel of the “Harzer Landschwein” (regional pork) with cauliflower, crumb butter & parsley potatoes
14,80 €

“Des Kaiser Diet”
Roasted turkey with onions, leek, pees & sugar pods in turmeric-sour cream sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes
16,80 €

“Der pure Wahnsinn”
“Tafelspitz” (boiled fillet of regional beef) cooked in its own juice, with vegetables, fried potatoes & horseradish-mustard sauce
18,80 €

“Duck Deluxe”
Truffled duck liver with onions, apple slices, blueberry foam served with homemade mashed potatoes
16,80 €


Whole grain pasta with wild garlic pesto & parmesan
12,80 €

“Spanien trifft Fachwerk”
Fresh pasta served with regional sheep’s cheese, tomatoes, garlic, leek, olive oil & avocado (Spanish organic avocado)
14,80 €

“Der Päpstin zweiter Frühling”
Tagliatelle with roasted asparagus, cocktail tomatoes, leek, Riesling-cream sauce & parmesan
16,80 €

“Der betrunkene Heinrich in Moskau”
Roasted wild salmon fillet with beetroot, lenses and fried potatoes of different colour, served with Vodka-tomato sauce
17,80 €


“Halte deine Coronafigur”
Mousse au Chocolat served with fresh fruits & whipped cream
6,80 €